“It cost tens and tens of thousands of deaths” – Libero Quotidiano


“The coronavirus has put a strain on the populism. First of all because populism carries with it an extremely strong anti-cultural charge of denial of culture: the contestation of the elites is above all a contestation of the elite intellectuals, it is the refusal of competence. And never as in this moment instead the strength of competence and culture were and are necessary for cope with the disease“. It is the obviously political analysis of Massimo D’Alema on Covid-19, called as a guest of How many stories on RaiTre, where he talked about the topics covered in his latest book Great is the confusion under the sky‘, commenting on a report on how theHungary by Orban he Use of Trump they faced the pandemic.

“So with his charge of inculturation, with his refusal of mediation, let’s say, populism has shown its face: it could be said that it cost tens and tens of thousands of deaths, substantially,” said the ex Prime Minister.

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