Israel-Palestine, Abu Mazen: “End of agreements”


Palestinian President  Abu Mazen  today announced the end of all agreements with Israel and the United States in anticipation of the possibility that Israel will annex part of the West Bank as of July 1st. The announcement is a pre-emptive political move, which Abu Mazen announced yesterday after a meeting with the Palestinian political leadership in Ramallah. The PA reacts to the possibility that, respecting the “Plan of the Century” envisaged by Donald Trump, Israel may annex to its territory part of the West Bank which it has already occupied since 1967.

Abu Mazen then calls on Israel to assume its obligations as an occupying power “with all the consequences and repercussions based on international and humanitarian law, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention”. Which means that the Palestinian President predictably wants to contract the commitment of the Palestinian police and intelligence, placing on Israel the weight of the “responsibility for the security of the civilian population in the occupied territories and its properties, the ban on collective punishment, the theft of resources, the annexation of land and transfers of population from the occupant to the employed, which constitute serious violations and war crimes “.

A Palestinian source told Israeli media that coordination with Israel will continue for the time being at a lower level, “the president has not yet closed the door completely, security forces should lower the level of collaboration with the Israeli army. , but don’t close completely. ” A political warning, therefore, that Abu Mazen had actually already announced in February, when Trump launched his annexation plan. Other Palestinian officials heard by the New York Times say that “Abu Mazen’s is not a bluff, and” there is no room for maneuver. ” of immediate implementation. “General Adnan Damiri, spokesman for the Palestinian security services, The Times also said that the Palestinian leaders “understood from Abbas’s words that they should stop cooperating with Israel and the CIA, even if the leader of the PA has reaffirmed his firm commitment to fight international terrorism”. “The Palestinian leadership has always left to the president the decision on the interruption of all relations with Israel and the USA – said Mahmoud al-Habbash, Abbas adviser for religious affairs – now he has made the decision and there is no room for maneuver “. Abbas accused Israel of “canceling the Oslo agreements” and in his speech he did not mention the timing or mechanisms for withdrawing from the agreements. And, among other things, underlines the Nyt, the Palestinian coffers depend heavily on the agreements with Israel as well as when Abbas goes to the

For Ahmad Majdalani, minister for social affairs and member of the PLO executive committee, Abbas’ decision has a “high price”, but the cost of “coexistence with annexation” is “extraordinarily higher”. “We will not be watching – he said – while Israel takes over our homeland”. “If Israel were to announce the stop to annexation – he added – we would be ready for dialogue”.

In the meantime, a lot of reactions come from all over the mono. Both American candidate candidate Joe Biden and France and the German government have expressed concerns about an un-negotiated annexation. “I do not support the annexation,” Biden said speaking at a web meeting of Jewish Democrats: “Unilateral actions will only damage the prospect of a solution that sees the birth of 2 states,” said the former vice president. Obama according to the Jewish Insider website. France has proposed to the EU partner countries to start a common political initiative to react to a possible decision to start the annexation without nagoziarla with the Palestinians. And finally, the German government had a joint video-conference meeting with the Palestinian government in which it addressed the issues of possible annexation. 

The Vatican also took a position on the issue of annexation today. After a phone call from the Palestinian mediator Saeb Erekat, the Vatican “Foreign Minister” Paul Richard Gallagher said that the Holy See “expresses concern about any acts that could further compromise the dialogue” between Israelis and Palestinians and defines respect for the international law. Gallagher adds that “the Holy See is following the situation closely, and expresses concern about any acts that could further compromise the dialogue, hoping that Israelis and Palestinians will be able to find again, and soon, the possibility of directly negotiating an agreement”.

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