“Isn’t racism a worse virus than COVID?”


The case George Floyd in the United States, but also across the globe, it is having a very powerful resonance. Actually, the one it deserves. By now we have all heard of the tragic death of the African American on whose neck the sadistic knee of the police officer weighed, which continued his execution even after hearing the sorrowful gasps of George who begged “I can not breath! ”

This, even after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, is yet another violent episode perpetrated by the American white community. And in particular by police officers against the African-American community. The racial problem has existed in the new continent ever since United States themselves were born.

There have been many stages in American history (see for example the thirteenth amendment of Abraham Lincoln) who tried to reverse the direction of travel and to go in the direction of an equality between different ethnic groups. But this equalization never occurred.

Over the past century, this violence against black Americans has continued unabated. The dual mandate to White House of the former president Barack Obama it looked like it had been a big step in that direction. But still, as has been evident, there is still a long way to go. However, so much blood still continues to flow.

For the death of George Floyd many famous voices have arisen, including the heartfelt one of Stephen Jackson, ex NBA player and great friend of Floyd. But the entire African American community has risen these days. This event was considered for its brutality a further affront that cannot be tolerated.

These days in the States demonstrations are rampant to remember Floyd and to ask for justice. There is also no shortage of violent protests. Minneapolis, in fact, it has been put on fire in recent days. A horde of protesters continues to assault buildings and burn cars. It must be said: among the demonstrators there are those who take advantage of the situations to steal and carry out vandalism.

Jabbar continues: “Try putting yourself in the shoes of one of us for what happened to George Floyd”

President Donald Trump he didn’t waste time calling them “criminals” and has already started to threaten the intervention of the army. There are those who are even scandalized by the fact that these demonstrations, even peaceful ones and in compliance with the rules, take place in spite of the extraordinary provisions required by the virus.

He also wanted clarity on this point Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the columns of the Los Angeles Times. Jabbar, former champion of the Los Angeles Lakers, is now a successful writer and wanted to warn readers of the Times from a virus more powerful and dangerous than the one that is now circulating all over the world, namely COVID19.

Paraphrasing the words of JabbarWhy should those who are demonstrating worry about the coronavirus when the threat of a much more dangerous virus looms over them that could affect their children and grandchildren in the future?

Yes, because the racism and in particular the white hatred towards African Americans could be a far worse threat than the danger posed by this pandemic.

This is because he is the son of a twisted and prevaricating mentality that tramples on the rights of an entire community. This event for a white person can be something upsetting and unacceptable, but after a few minutes the anger and bewilderment pass and you return safely to the TV series that you were seeing on a comfortable sofa.

While that episode for a black person is much more upsetting. It means being in danger. It means not being able to go around the cities peacefully. And always be in constant apprehension for your children and for your family. This is also another consideration highlighted by Jabbar who, in chorus, together with many other people, calls for justice.

Who knows if at least this episode could arouse the conscience of a people, like the American one, which has always been deeply divided as regards the racial question.

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