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Giacomo Jon, 24 year old boy from Voghera (Pavia), died of the new one Coronavirus on May 28th. The boy had been struggling with the virus since mid-March: his health conditions appeared serious immediately, for this reason the transfer was necessary at the Sacco hospital in Milan. Religion teacher and catechist, his city will give him his last farewell on Saturday 30 May.

Farewell to Giacomo Jon, who died at 24 due to the new coronavirus

There COVID-19 has nipped the life of Giacomo Jon, 24 year old from Voghera (Pavia). His battle against the virus ended with a sad ending, after more than two months of hospitalization at the Sacco hospital in Milan: to date he is the youngest victim in the province of Pavia since the start of the pandemic.

He had started to experience the first symptoms around the middle of March, and proceeded immediately with the execution of the buffer that had a positive outcome. His clinical picture appeared serious right from the start. Transported to Sacco of Milan, had undergone the first treatments, but because of the serious respiratory problems it was necessary to use oxygen. In recent days his health conditions had further deteriorated, until his heart stopped beating on Thursday 28 May.

The funeral of Giacomo Jon at the Voghera Cathedral

Giacomo was a student of the faculty of theological sciences. In life he was a catechist and a religion teacher in the schools of the comprehensive institute Valle Versa.

He was very close to the parish of the Cathedral of Voghera, which due to the new coronavirus also lost the parish priest on April 13 Don Enrico Bernuzzi, of which the young man was a close collaborator: the priest was 46 years old. A few days earlier, goodbye had also been given Roberto Corrada, sacristan of the parish.

Giacomo Jon, besides being a catechist, also followed the activities of the oratory and collaborated with the church of San Rocco, of which he was master of ceremonies and altar boy. The 24 year old leaves his parents and grandmother. Sara Monsignor Vittorio Francesco Viola, bishop of Tortona, to celebrate his funeral at the Cathedral of Voghera.

The funeral will be held on Saturday 30 May starting at 10:30. A large participation by the community is expected, for this reason (given also the limited access to places of worship, in respect of the rules on social distancing for Phase 2) speakers will be installed in the adjacent square, in order to allow all participation in the funeral rite, taking due account safety distance.

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