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For Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Program Management, the new ones Xbox Series X will be able to spin “thousands of games at launch“. This makes it the console next-gen “more compatible” and will allow players to be able to carry on their game collection, save games and accessories across generations of hardware.

As if it were an answer to the information leaked today, which claims that the backward compatibility of PS5 will be limited and not available at launch, but with an update, Microsoft has released a Xbox Wire dedicated precisely to this topic.

In this long special, Jason RonaldXbox Series X Director of Program Management talked about Micorosoft’s efforts to enable us to continue our games and accessories across generations of consoles. It was a long journey, which began in 2015 with Xbox One’s Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility program. A program that now allows you to play over 500 X360 games on Xbox One.

This success has pushed the team to try to do even better and bring these results to the nextgen. Xbox Series X was created for this purpose, thanks to custom processors and an operating system designed especially for this task. The Xbox team has already played over 100,000 hours to check the compatibility of old games on the Xbox Series X and by the end of the year the number of hours will rise to over 200,000 hours. The result is that thousands of games, from large blockbusters to small gems, will be immediately compatible with the new Microsoft console.

A huge catalog, to which will be added Halo Infinite and the result of the work of the other 15 internal Xbox studios. In July, Xbox will present all its first party titles: what are your expectations?

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