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The scandal Palamara and the worm of the CSM and the Italian judiciary revive Silvio Berlusconi. According to Pagnoncelli survey for the Corriere della Sera, it seems that the eavesdropping who uncovered Pandora’s box of politicized justice in Italy opened the eyes of many voters. In the ranking of trust in the leaders, the founder of Forza Italia massacred by the investigations for 30 years is the one who registers the most significant leap forward: 3 points in a month, going from 21% from April to 24% of May.

It is always driving Giorgia Meloni of Brothers of Italy (36%, +1), followed by the always surprising escort Roberto Speranza (35%, but -2) that as Minister of Health enjoys a sensational showcase, from Matteo Salvini to the 33% (+2) and from Dario Franceschini, of the Pd like Speranza and he too minister with great visibility, al 32% (-2, just like the colleague). The only one to grow among government officials seems to be Teresa Bellanova, Renziana Doc, passed from 25 to 26 percent. Small (personal) satisfactions for an increasingly residual Italia Viva.

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