Is Silent Hill, the alleged PS5 exclusive close to the announcement?


For several weeks, not to say months, several rumors have been chasing each other about the next chapter of the famous home horror saga Konami, silent Hill.

It is from the cancellation of the late Silent Hills, which was presented unexpectedly with a demo known as P.T., a project that saw the participation of the eclectic game designer Hideo Kojima, but also of the well-known actor Norman Reedus and the director Guillermo del Bull, that fans are waiting for a real new episode.

On April 10 last the insider Dusk Golem revealed that the next chapter of the saga would have been in development with the Siren team in Japan Studio, a Sony first-party team, for a full year and a half (although at the moment it is not yet no confirmation arrived about it).

Subsequently, more and more insistent voices pointed to a real reveal on the occasion of the official presentation of Playstation 5 and a first line-up of titles that should take place in June.

Dusk Golem returned to the topic a few hours ago is, through some messages published on your Twitter profile, he said he was aware of some things that will make the ad even more exciting if it turns out to be correct. At the moment, however, he cannot guarantee that the title will actually be shown next month and he is also very curious to see if it will really be presented and its true potential.

For the moment, we just have to wait patiently for a few more weeks.

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