Is PS5 already in production? New confirmations from Japan on the upcoming reveal


Starting from Jeff Grubb’s advances and Jason Schreier’s reflections on the hypothetical PS5 event at the beginning of June, the journalist Takashi Mochizuki follows the considerations of his colleagues to report that, even according to his sources, the PlayStation reveal is really imminent.

The famous Bloomberg Tech editor who, just a few days ago, managed to snatch an interview with the Sony Corporation CFO, Kenichiro Yoshida, and the important statements about PS5’s marketing strategy, it explains that “I really believe that the announcement of the official reveal of the PS5 design can take place at any moment”.

The certainties on which Mochizuki bases his opinion derive from the fact that, again according to what reported by his anonymous sources, “The mass production of the console is starting and this means that important leaks could occur, with the consequent loss of the image of the company and the console. As Sony Interactive Entertainment tries to keep up with the events and does not want this kind of negative advertising, the reveal shouldn’t be too far “.

On the sidelines of his speech, the Bloomberg Tech journalist republished his previous analysis on social media, dated 16 April 2020, in which the author theorized a high price and few PS5 available at launch.

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