Is Mara Venier, a ruinous fall, serious?


Bad news on Sunday In: the landlady Mara Venier falls and gets injured. Here are his health conditions …

Mara Venier opens the new episode of Sunday In making two announcements: the first is that it is fall before the live broadcast and she hit her head, she probably broke her foot and got a little beating all over the place. The second is that Domenica In does not go on vacation for a few more weeks and will therefore keep the Rai 1 viewers company until 28 June. “You will take me like this, with your toe”, smiles the wonderful hostess.

Mara was also very moved by congratulating the presenter Eleonora Daniele and her husband Giulio for the birth of their daughter, Carlotta. Mara and Eleonora are very close, so much so that the host of Store Italiane had asked Aunt Mara to act as godmother to her child when she was baptized.

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