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The death of the African American truck driver during the arrest becomes a political case fought on social media

In the wake of the 2020 presidential race, the death of George Floyd, the African American suffocated during police arrest in Minneapolis, is becoming a political case. Social media began to circulate photos of the president’s public events Donald Trump in which the policeman who keeps his knee on the neck of the African American truck driver who will soon die will also participate. “Here it appears Derek Chauvin, the MPD agent who killed George Floyd with Bob Kroll chief of Minnesota police and Trump last year. Nobody else remembers that on that occasion Trump told the cops to be harder on the suspects before arresting them? “, Reads one of the many tweets that bear responsibility for what happened to the American president.

To deny any connection, we thought about it Fox, a large conservative network, according to which “none of the four policemen fired after the death of George Floyd was present at Trump’s election rally in Minneapolis last October”. Denial that does not convince the detractors of The Donald in a spiral of fake news and denials that contributes to fueling the climate of tension in the country with vibrant protests and clashes in the protests against the police.

Trump’s likely challenger for the White House, the former Democratic vice president, spoke on the matter Joe Biden: “George Floyd deserved better and his family deserves justice. His life mattered. I am grateful for the quick action to Minneapolis to fire the agents involved, they must be held responsible for their terrible actions. The FBI should conduct a thorough investigation, “he wrote on Twitter.

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