Irpef 2020 reimbursements: the news of the relaunch decree


To streamline procedures and recognize faster i Irpef refunds to taxpayers, the Revival decree has foreseen a new form of adjustment for who will present the model 730 this year. Between online procedures and direct payments to the current account: let’s see better what it is.

>> Download here the final version of the Relaunch Decree <<<

Direct payments even without intermediary: the news on Irpef 2020 reimbursements approved by the relaunch decree

Government aid to counter the Coronavirus emergency in recent weeks has had to deal with an obstacle that is not entirely indifferent: that of the Italian bureaucracy. And so, while Conte in May announced the renewal of bonuses and the confirmation of economic subsidies approved by the previous decrees, there were those – among a few difficulties – who denounced the fact that they had not yet received the assistance of the Italian Care Decree (which should have already arrived between March and April).

To cope with this situation, therefore, the Executive has decided to recognize one different form of adjustment this year: i Irpef refundsin fact, for the year 2020 they can also be requested without an intermediary. Whether or not the withholding agent is present, therefore, the taxpayer can apply directly to the Revenue Agency and request the credit amounts due.

This intervention was also developed with one awareness: at a time when resources are lacking and companies are lacking in liquidity, we want to avoid exposing the worker / taxpayer to any defaults in making adjustments by your employer, who may already be in a difficult situation in itself.

IRPEF 2020 reimbursements: how the adjustments will be made

The taxpayer who boasts a credit to the Financial Administration, once the Irpef 2020 refund has been recognized, the amount due directly to your credit will be credited (by the Revenue Agency) Bank account or, if you have not communicated the bank details, by bank order of Italy.

What changes compared to the ordinary procedure is that after sending the model 730 (which was usually done by the accountant or CAF on behalf of the employer), credit refunds will no longer be on the paycheck in these cases.

As for i debt adjustmentsinstead, the payment of the tax due must be made directly by the taxpayer (also online, via Fisconline or on the precompiled portal) or by the person who provides tax assistance via F24.

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