iPhone 11 super discounted at Bennet: until June 10 it costs 599 euros


The hypermarket chain Bennet has launched a promotional flyer in which a more than attractive price-breaking offer is nestled. The 64 GB iPhone 11 is sold for 599 euros.
The promotion starts on May 28th and ends on June 10th. The flyer is entitled “The fresh below cost”, but on page 28 the list of products in promotion “price breakers” begins, with the iPhone 11 opening the dance.

The 64 GB iPhone 11 (the color is not indicated) is offered at 599 euros. The pieces available for all Bennet stores are 800. There is no limit set for the stocks of the single store, but each customer can buy a maximum of two iPhone 11s for 599 euros. After the second, an out of promotion price will be applied which will be indicated on the sales tag.
Let’s imagine that the price is the same as Apple, which currently sells the 64 GB iPhone 11 for 839 euros. The saving of the Bennet for the promo price is therefore 29%, 240 euros less.

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