IOS 14, a first version is already available: unveiled the news


If for several months the rumors about iOS 14 there is an enormous increase in reason: according to Vice, a small circle of people has already had a preliminary version, developed in December 2019, of the Apple’s next mobile operating system. Bloggers, cybersecurity researchers and even hackers belong to this circle.

For all previous versions of iOS, little news has leaked in the months and weeks prior to Apple’s official presentation, but with iOS 14 the news that runs is much more and much more detailed and this makes credible the hypothesis that a pre-release of iOS 14 is running. Normally Apple releases a first beta of its new operating system during the annual World Wide Developer Conference of June (which will be held online only this year, June 22), and then release the final version of the new iOS in September along with the new iPhone range. This year, it is not known why, something went differently. There most of the iOS 14 news has been published, starting from the end of February, from 9to5Mac which, at this point, would seem to fall within the aforementioned restricted circle of those who are holding the pre-release.

iOS 14: what’s new

There main novelty of iOS 14, from the point of view of the graphic interface, it will be a new Homescreen. Currently, with iOS 13, apps can only be viewed through their home screen icons or through search. With the new Homescreen there will be a list of all the applications, to make it easier for users to view the installed apps at the same time.

In addition, the list view will include several sorting options. Several new features and functions should also arrive on iOS 14 iCloud KeychainApple’s password manager who could now become a credible competitor of 1Password, LastPass and other famous password managers. Another interesting novelty will be the possibility to test the apps before installing them, by scanning a QR Code: a sort of usable preview of the app will appear and then it will be possible to download the full version.

iOS 14: what Apple says

Even if what Vice said about the iOS 14 pre-release had already been around for months, this does not mean that all these features will necessarily be available on the final version of September. The certainty about what the new operating system will look like we will have it only during WWDC20, meanwhile Apple merely says that the June 22 conference “will be an opportunity for millions of creative and innovative developers around the world to get early access to the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS“.

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