Invitalia’s safe venture, the click day flop: refunds for the masks finished in a second


There are really many entrepreneurs disappointed and angry about the flop of the operation Safe enterprise, a 100% reimbursement of the expenses incurred to secure companies and workers: masks, gloves, detergents, temperature detectors, gowns, eye protection devices, etc. The Cura Italia decree had allocated 50 million, entrusting its management to Invitalia, an agency of the Ministry of Economy. With the little money put into the fund there was little to do, everything happened with the damn click day system: the day set to start booking contributions 100% was May 11th at 9am. In theory there would have been time until May 18, said the notice of Invitalia. But on May 11, a second after 9, to be precise 1.046749 seconds later, the money was already gone. The 3,150 lucky companies that managed to get the bookings of contributions through the network funnel were the ones to grab them.

The anger of the excluded

The results of this, which looks more like a lottery than anything else, have now been disseminated, causing confusion and protest by the excused: 2,925 companies managed to book themselves in the first second, another 225 a fraction later. Then, end. The others 205,676 companies arrived late, keeping your mouth dry. Some entrepreneurs claim that it was impossible to enter the tax code, VAT number and the requested amount online in a second. As possible, they ask, that the first ones ever managed to compile everything in less than two thousandths of a second and also click a captcha (the system that ensures that the operation is performed by a person and not a robot) and by pressing send? Matteo Segala, 32, who works in the family hotel, La Fiorita, in Limone sul Garda, who remained outside despite having closed the file in two seconds, says: We had asked for only 500 euros, when there are companies that have booked 150 thousand euros. But for us those 500 euros would have been important: we purchased masks and detergents in view of the reopening, on May 29th. My question arrived at, in short it took me just over two seconds but it wasn’t enough. It makes me angry that public contributions are managed with this system, where the fastest wins, perhaps thanks to the server or where he lives, and not those who need and deserve more.

The tax credit

If no new funding is received for the bonus (hopefully in parliamentary amendments to the provisions in question), the excluded will be able to refer, but only in part, with the 60% tax credit provided for in the Relaunch decree, which will allow them to compensate 60% of the expenditure for the Dpi (Personal Protective Equipment) with the F24 model with which they pay taxes and contributions. The 3,150 lucky ones, on the other hand, will be able to complete the application, always online, from 10am on May 26th to 5pm on June 1st. This time, in theory, without haste. But will they trust?

May 22, 2020 (change May 22, 2020 | 22:48)


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