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To be able to get a refund for the purchase of protective devices for the employees of your company you had to be the keyboard Speedy Gonzales. Invitalia, the national development agency, has just published the list of companies that were admitted to reimbursement on 11 May according to the clickday mechanism (who first books, takes, until the budget is exhausted).

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3,150 companies have succeeded in the venture and have sent their requests in less than a second and a half since the opening of the call. The last company to win the coveted prize was the HSD of Gradara, in the Marche region, which produces heads for milling machines. He booked 150,000 euros of personal protective equipment 1.046749 second after the opening of the call by burning. At the Cima di Mirandola, Modena, a company that produces automatic cases and before the excluded ones, they are still eating their hands having lost the possibility of returning to the call for a tenth of a second.

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But together with Cima there are 191,024 other companies that are left speechless. The call made 50 million euros available. A paltry figure considering that the requests of the companies not admitted amount to 1.2 billion euros. Invitalia must have equipped itself with an atomic clock to be able to calculate exactly at the hundred thousandth of a second who had entered and who had not. The companies, on the other hand, had to do their own thing. Or, for those who had the chance, they had special software that could send their application quickly enough to burn the competition.

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Invitalia has Domenico Arcuri as CEO, the same official appointed by the government commissioner for the coronavirus emergency and who has already received a lot of criticisms on the lack of masks and other personal protective equipment.

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