Investigation into local public transport, this is how the ‘suspect dossier’ was born


Florence, May 30, 2020 – Three municipal councilors from Prato with the ‘fix’ of transparency. Daniele Spada, former challenger of Mayor Biffoni, Tommaso Cocci is Marco Curcio. They turn the spotlight on Local public transport, long-standing Tuscan affair that led to the award to Tuscan bus lines (the French of Ratp, those who manage the Florence tramway). They run, search, smell. Acts, resolutions, company compositions through registrations to the Chamber of Commerce. A dossier comes out of it questions and doubts. They are three “loose” dogs, in the center-right of course, but without having to say thanks to anyone. A few kilometers from Prato, we think back to that race that saw the defeat of many local transport companies, historic such as the Copit of Pistoia and the Cap of Prato, in fact. There is a senator from Fratelli d’Italia who takes the issue to the tip, his name is called Patrizio La Pietra so much so that he goes to Palazzo Madama waving the flag in defense of the Italian firms stolen by the French “under the direction of the Tuscany Region”.

axis Prato-Pistoia the three municipal councilors and the senator of the ‘first Italians’, albeit distinct, turned on the spotlight, as reported by the Nation last January, on the Tpl case. Now they rejoice thinking that their doubts have been somehow listened to. “It is appropriate that any assignment procedure is suspended pending the results and clarifications of the investigation. It is an act owed by the regional government out of respect for all Tuscan citizens, but above all for companies and workers “, underlines the senator. “The news of the presence of the Guardia di Finanza in the offices of Autolinee Toscane is no surprise to me.”

And the three councilors from Prato: «We were the first in Tuscany to declare in the press that the composition of the tender commission, which decreed the victory of the French, could make the region appear as an impartial subject. Will Rossi continue to threaten lawsuits now? We asked for it a few months ago, now it is a necessary act: we must freeze the tender and wait for the judicial results ».

And the Governor Rossi? Those who were close to him yesterday speak of a president who is more worried about the Lombards who may go down to their second homes in Versilia and Elba too early than from the investigations (in addition to Tpl also on Estar). “They will try to stop us with the penalty, but it will end up like the administrative battle,” he whispered.

Brothers of Italy, Lega and Forza Italia had long harbored hope and trusted that suspicions, doubts, questions about the maxi race, the only one of its kind in Italy, won by the French, would become acts of the judiciary. So it was. And the center-right part of a great career and goes to the assault of the regional council and the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party and the regional council: “a web of interests”, according to the coalition parties, which “also manifested themselves in the dynamics that led to the victory of Ratp ». The Democratic Party seems to be in a corner. Maybe only appearance. Nobody opens the mouth of the party and the regional group, except on request. Is it the proverbial demonic demise that has done so much damage to the party too? Or even the definitive “dismissal” by Rossi and now, with a mandate definitively closed if it were not for the post-Covid emergency?

The Councilor for Infrastructure Vincenzo Ceccarelli: «The Finance turned to the Region to acquire the documentation on the tender documents, receiving maximum collaboration. We confirm the utmost confidence in the correctness of the work of the officials of our offices and we are sure that this procedure will also prove it ». And again: “Convinced that everything has been done on a regular basis, we move forward with the sole objective of making the interest of the citizens who have the right to have a renewed and quality service”. So much so that in a few days there will be the definitive assignment to Autolinee Toscane. Leonardo Marras, Pd group leader in the regional council, cuts short: «There are no elements to comment».

Then urged: «Full confidence in the work of the judiciary, the Region has always had maximum transparency in all the passages of the administrative acts. It is a story that has been probed by the administrative courts for years, and I believe there is great serenity in those who have followed this operation from an institutional point of view, which has been gigantic ».

And he remembers: “We never hid that we were cheering for the Tuscan companies, but the others were the winners”. And it brings out the dem pride: “Singular that you put your finger on the Democratic Party as Donzelli jackal does.” Giovanni ‘always in action’, a member of the Brothers of Italy and a former regional councilor has withdrawn a video in which he denounced “the intertwining between the Democratic Party, the Rossi region and the French”. And he did not fail to laugh when he heard about the investigation. “Or let’s see how it ends now,” he said to his folks pointing his finger at the gray area of ​​relations between institutions, parties and business.

Paolo Marcheschi, group leader of Fratelli d’Italia, in the regional council announces: “I will do a question time in the regional council to understand if, in the light of the investigation by the Florence prosecutor, the commissioner Ceccarelli intends to apply a suspension to the assignment of the single tender of local public transport “. Forza Italia with the regional group leader Maurizio Marchetti and the deputy Stefano Mugnai, the blue regional coordinator, go down hard: «Born poorly and managed worse, the European race for the assignment ofThe tpl continues to show profiles of dubitabilità. Rossi comes to the council to explain. ” IS Jacopo Alberti, regional councilor League spokesperson opposition in the Region: “It is clear by now that the TPL race in Tuscany is to be redone”. The 5-star candidate for the Irene Galletti Region enters with a strained leg: “A shocking investigation due to its size, a potential earthquake”.


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