Inter’s provocation against the Italian Cup immediately: in Naples on the pitch with Primavera?


Juventus, Milan and especially Inter are against the restart of 13 June with the Italian Cup. The Nerazzurri, explains the Gazzetta dello Sport, have defined this choice on the restart as ‘disconcerting’ and they would even have come up with a provocation: to let Primavera play in Naples in the return semifinal. Inter’s anger is given by the calendar immediately clogged, without the possibility of gradually starting again. A nuisance, as mentioned, shared (albeit slightly) by Juventus and Milan who see an Italian Cup concentrated in 5 days as an all too considerable effort at the start of the second half.

Do you suffer 3 close matches for Inter? The semi-final of the return of 14 June could be followed, 3 days later, by the final of the Italian Cup in Rome. Then, 3 days later, the championship: whether you decide to start from the recovery of the 25th day or to start from the 27th.


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