Interceptions, Raoul Bova also appears in Palamara chats


Among the many who have turned to over the years Luca Palamara there is also Raoul Bova, known face of Italian cinema. The protagonist of some of the most successful films and films for TV in recent years would have asked the ex-CSM councilor for help in an investigation that saw him starring several years ago. This is what emerges from the interceptions present in the Perugia maps, reported by Corriere della Sera, where there are several conversations chat between the actor and the director, dating back to 2017.

The Prosecutor of Rome had requested a one-year prison sentence for the plaintiff, on charges of having evaded the tax authorities an amount of 680 thousand euros for the five-year period 2005-2010. In particular, the judges had contested Raoul Bova with an irregularity in the accounts of the Sammarco Srl company. The first contact between the two occurred the previous year on the occasion of an event, in which Raoul Bova also wanted Palamara to participate. According to the documents that would emerge from the investigation by the prosecutor of Perugia, on that occasion the two were unable to organize the meeting, which took place a few days later, on July 4th. The exchange of messages between the two also continues in the following days, with the actor pressing on Palamara to participate on the 9th in another event: “It will be a very beautiful evening and as a representative of the institutions it would be a tangible sign of hope for those who want to believe in legality.

At this point the messages related to the investigation involving Bova begin. On 5 July, in fact, news is given of the request for conviction for evasion against the actor, who immediately writes to Palamara: “As usual the reporters. They never deny themselves“The former prosecutor never fails to respond:”Unfortunately one sore.“Confirmation of the sentence comes exactly 20 days later, on 25 July 2017. That day Roul Bova asked Luca Palamara for help, asking him to investigate and the former prosecutor tried to reassure him, inviting him not to give up.”The game is not over. I’m sure yours honesty will come out“Palamara wrote to Bova, who insists on requesting the former public prosecutor to”check if I deserved such a harsh sentence. So targeted.

Chat contacts between the two continued, because the actor wanted to give the press a defensive statement of his position. A few days later, Raoul Bova submitted the Press release to Luca Palamara before entrusting him to the press agencies but the former prosecutor does not seem to have expressed himself, postponing his considerations to a later contact. “See you in the evening“, Palamara would have written to Bova according to what appears in the Perugia papers.

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