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On the road it can (could) take Lautaro Martinez in Barcelona There are 111 steps that are far from easy to overcome for the blaugrana club. There Inter position, reaffirmed clearly by the director Piero Ausilio) is clear: the Nerazzurri, and Conte in the first place, plan the future relying on the Argentine and only the payment of the termination clause could currently sanction his farewell and a consequent change of strategy. Suning has no need to sell and intends to conduct the dances with the Barcelona, dictating the rhythm. In addition, to make matters worse, the near redemption of Icardi by the Psg and that not far from Perisic by Bayern make the club’s financial situation even stronger. To all this must be added a detail that has so far been underestimated, namely the layoffs (Erte, Expediente de Regulacion Temporal de Empleo) which Barcelona has resorted to to face the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Redundancy fund granted by the Spanish state who will now carefully monitor the expenses of both the Blaugrana club and the other seven teams that have applied for state aid, namely Atletico Madrid, Seville, Alav├ęs, Valencia, Espanyol, Granada and Osasuna. The Iberian government has treated football clubs exactly like any other company, but now the Ministries of Labor and Finance will supervise company accounts and block any excessively expensive or unjustified expenses, which of course would conflict with the state of emergency of those who joined the ERTE.

That’s why, in the specific case, Barcelona cannot now pay Lautaro’s 111 clause and is trying to include other players in the deal, but so far has obtained the dry refusal of Inter. In order to cope with the cash outlay, the Catalan club would have to sell precious pieces or at least try to collect as much as possible for Coutinho: the Brazilian, not redeemed by Bayern and outside the corporate plans, has a lot of market in England and, according to the Mundo Deportivo would also have been offered to Juve as part of the negotiation for Pjanic.

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