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Two choices for the post-Lautaro. The Uruguayan prefers to stay in the center, with German speed, assists and depth

One thing is certain: as a slogan the Lukaku-Lautaro couple works much better than Lukaku-Werner or Lukaku-Cavani. But moving from Lu-La to Lu-We or Lu-Ca for Conte’s attack would not be a problem. Which is what Inter is interested in. The Argentine goes to Messi. And that Werner or Cavani is Lukaku’s new partner in the Nerazzurri vanguard, there is something that will not change: the goals guaranteed. Timo has made 84 in 281 Bundesliga games, 21 in 26 league matches this year; Edinson is at 200 in 301 with the Psg.

and first tip

Net of the many goals in the curriculum – which count and how … – seeing where the German and the Uruguayan play more and touch more balls can help to understand who Romelu would be better with. Today the Nerazzurri, 9 atypical because he goes to look for the ball and is better off when he has the field and not the defense lined up, breaks through the center-right. Here, reading Opta’s statistics from his first year in A, Lukaku touches more balls, with the limit of the area and the area just before his favorite hunting ground. With Cavani, total attacker and therefore “contiano”, an explosive couple would be created. The Matador is more first striker but he also knows how to sacrifice himself, but in the area he becomes more operational: the balls touched this year in Ligue 1 are not many but they are the proof.

the growth of thyme

With Werner Lukaku he would have an attack colleague who has improved in recent years even away from the door. He is fast, dribbles, passes well, gives depth. Compared to Cavani (but also to Lukaku and Lautaro), Timo touches many more balls. His very large sod of field is on the left: starting from there but spacing every corner of the field this year there was the definitive consecration: next to him Lukaku would have more space in the center of the attack. And Conte would be fine.

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