“Inter, no Werner. Cavani is not a priority. Icardi, Perisic and Nainggolan, here is our position”


Guest of Sky Sport 24, within the transmission “The transfer market that will come”, Piero aid, sports director of‘Inter, he illustrated the strategies of the Milanese club in this delicate moment for the whole football system, heavily conditioned by the health emergency. Here are the words of the Nerazzurri manager, who begins with a joke: “If I swear to tell the truth? I never said the truth”.


“A little bit of everything, the way of working has changed. There are a lot of phone calls, chats, small talk but now it is difficult to carry on negotiations. Nobody wants to be the village idiot, we are all waiting.”


“We are talking, in some cases the ideas are clearer. In the case of Perisic the deadline has already expired but we have excellent relationships and we have given Bayern more time, also considering the Covid problem. We promised ourselves that we would talk about it later “.


“As far as Martinez is concerned, there is only one way that can take him away from Inter and that is the payment of a clause. A clause of which everyone knows, there is no need to hide, it is a demanding clause because it has both deadlines and commitments which must be maintained. In the meantime it is a clause that expires in the first days of July, so it is not that it will last for a long time. And it is the only possibility that exists to see Lautaro away from Inter today. We are not in this period discussing the Lautaro theme with anyone. We simply focus on him, it is an important asset of the club, and then let’s not forget that he still has a three-year contract with Inter. The most important players are not going to sell them, he is going to keep them and to strengthen themselves on the market, if any. And this also applies to Lautaro. Many companies have contacted us to deal with the theme of Lautaro. Among these, the most determined one, with which we have a friendly and close relationship. diale, it is Barcelona. I don’t hide this. And I know that Barcelona knows exactly what our intentions are. Inter have no plans to sell Lautaro Martinez. Then I repeat there is a clause. There are no urgencies: when we think of Lautaro, we think of it at Inter. There is no urgency to sell. What does he think? I don’t know, we never talked about this hypothesis. Then maybe someone will have approached the player’s entourage, but we have never talked to them: it is a topic that we do not want to deal with. Who wants to pay the clause: I was clear “.


“With everybody there is the will to go on until the end of the season. We have exercised the option for Young, it is already done; for the rest we will talk to the other clubs soon. The orientation is to end the season with all the boys. Sanchez? We don’t go into detail, we are betting on him in these months. He has been injured for a long time, but before he did well: I think of Barcelona and the match with Sampdoria, there I had seen the Sanchez of the best seasons. He had little time, now he has the opportunity to prove his worth and then we will make a decision with him. Honestly, the boy also has an interest in finding an agreement to end the year with us, then we will see his future. ”


“I don’t know, I have heard many opinions. I see that nobody wants to take the first step and the prices have remained the same. I think there will be longer times; Lower prices? We have probed the market and have not found encouraging answers, someone it also raised the price compared to February. ”


“We know him, he has very good agents. Just this morning I received a message from his agent, maybe you agreed on the question (he laughs). We know the path of the player, he was already good at a very young age. He is now demonstrating talent in the Bundes, he we will follow. ”


“I answer you sincerely: I’ve always liked him, we’ve been following him for some time. But he won’t come to Inter, the reasons are various: there has never been a negotiation because I know the idea of ​​the player. He has a clause, but next year he won’t be here. ”


“There is an option that expires on May 31, with Leonardo we feel because he is a friend. We are trying to understand the best solution. There is a figure that at this moment is conditioned by what happened, from here to Sunday we will see. I don’t like talking about numbers, there is the one contained in the purchase option; the willingness to speak is there, we are friends. Icardi has signed a contract that contains the possibility of staying longer. deadlines, but relationships also count. ”


“We are attentive to the Italian soul, we think that giving a sense of belonging can help. This year we have invested in Sensi and Barella, even earlier on Bastoni; we will continue to do so, the main thing is quality. Tonali has that quality to play at Inter, I don’t know if he has the economic one (laughs) to be purchased. From the point of view of parameters from Inter he has them all, perhaps the economic ones are missing. ”


“Things change, the premise is simple: Cagliari cannot redeem it, the player will return and has a two-year contract. Then we will make the various assessments, but today it is early to talk about it.”


“Cavani? Inter have always shown to be attentive, we have also strengthened with free agents. I think of De Vrij, Godin and Asamoah, we must always look at these opportunities, and Cavani is one of them. But tell you that we thought to him seriously, I would say a lie. For a simple reason: we think of Inter’s attacking park as composed by Lukaku, Lautaro and then we consider the possibility of considering the Sanchez speech. For many it is down out of the plan, for us instead it can be Then there is Esposito, we will evaluate with him if it is appropriate to let him have an experience outside; we will think about the fourth striker, but today Cavani’s profile is not the priority to improve an already strong department “.


“I have an excellent relationship with Giuntoli and I had a very recent contact with him. I don’t know if he signed the renewal with Napoli, if he stays there I am not surprised: I don’t understand all this media interest”.


“We work on it, it’s an opportunity. We are in talks with the boy and the family, we informed Pana. If we take him, we will make it available to Conte who will then evaluate it.”


“We did very well, maybe we went beyond expectations because we were competitive for the title beyond our schedule. We started from scratch with one of the best coaches in the world. What I want to see will be next year’s Inter who will take advantage of Antonio’s work; now we want to do our best in the three competitions, we have everything to do very well. We will start again with Conte, and there is no player who has not been in tune with him. You cannot always take the first ideas but those that they manage to bring home: everything we have done will be in full harmony with the coach “.


“Competition on the very young is fierce, it is the most difficult market. Prices are higher than the value of the player, so you often have to give up to focus on the more experienced. We work on our young people who are many, then we look at those profiles that have excellent value for money. Difficult to see Inter spend 30-40 mln for a boy; different is the matter for Lautaro, whom we already thought of as a holder. Those 20 mln were spent in the belief of having a holder “.


“I don’t feel like making any definitive considerations, much less about Vidal. At the moment it is not an opportunity; we have a very strong midfielder park. Eriksen arrived in January and like everyone who arrives at that time needs time: not only technical, but also life. I have never seen a player who arrives in Serie A and immediately makes the difference, think of Platini and Zidane “.


“I expected it because I knew the potential of Suning. It’s a job that started from afar, now we reap the rewards but we don’t stop. We want to continue investing, among young and experienced players. The next market will be waiting, unstable, the I think fireworks will take place in September and not before. ”

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