Inter Milan risk the Champions League with the playoffs? There is the sensational hypothesis


The Football Association is studying the solutions for a possible new suspension of the championship. Between playoffs and algorithms …

Serie A is ready to restart on June 20. But the FIGC, this time, does not want to be found unprepared and is therefore preparing two parachutes, the famous algorithm and even before the playoffs-playouts.

The playoffs by saving the Champions seats

“The latter is a prospect that three quarters of the clubs would not want to join even under torture. But that’s part of the game. The FIGC would like to involve all the teams in three grids (six-league playoff but with the Champions seats assigned to the top four of the standings until the interruption?). Beyond the title, the places in the cups and the relegations, a better championship position determines a greater share of TV rights. But they are all formulas that we hope not to use “, emphasizes the Gazzetta dello Sport.

In this way, however, you would risk a sensational result, with the possible sixth in the standings perhaps champion of Italy and out of the next Champions League.




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