Inter, Lautaro Martinez’s farewell finances Cancelo and Werner


The sale of Lautaro must finance the purchase of his replacement, with Werner in the front row from this point of view, taking into account that for Cavani you work regardless. This for Inter, is a staple. And this is the reason why, beyond a technical compensation, a rich economic adjustment is needed. It is no accident that the Nerazzurri club and the Barcelona they got stuck. As emerged for a couple of weeks now, there has been convergence on the opportunity to include in the operation Cancelo, that the Boat would take from Manchester City through an all Portuguese exchange with Semedo and then send it to Pinetina. However, the distances remain on how the package would be completed. In fact, Inter currently does not accept less than 80 million euros. Considering that Cancelo cannot be worth less than fifty million, since, last summer, the City bought it from Juventus for an overall rating of 65 (including Danilo’s tag), it means Lautaro’s price would rise to 130 million, or 20 more than the clause.

Inter, the intrigue Werner

Given that by setting up such an operation, there would be no access to that clause, the figure contained in the “Bull” contract remains a point of reference, beyond which the Barcelona He does not want to go. And the attempt to insert another piece was worthless: Firpo, for example, given that he boasts several admirers in the Nerazzurri house. The appreciation, however, does not change the substance: Inter wants to bring home a certain adjustment and, at least for the moment, does not compromise. It is true that a very rich capital gain would be made in any case, but there is a specific technical need to be met. The farewell of Lautaroin fact, it would open a hole in the squad to be adequately covered at all costs. The Nerazzurri club has targeted Cavani, wanting to take advantage of his expiring contract, but the Uruguayan would come as “third”. For the replacement of the “Toro”, however, he is in the front row Werner, which has a dancing clause between 50 and 60 million, depending on whether Leipzig wins the championship or not. As you know, however, the German attacker has to overcome the competition from the Liverpool, so nothing is to be taken for granted. The only certainty is that, having to redo the attack almost completely, beyond Lukaku, you will need to have a nice nest egg to invest.

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