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“We like Tonali, he has all the characteristics to play with us”. Yup, Sandro Tonali is from Inter and the Nerazzurri manager is no longer hiding. He takes the field in a strong way with the words of the director Piero Ausilio, admirer of the 2000 midfielder from his first steps in Serie B exactly like Beppe Marotta, in the front line in probing him at the time of Juve. Today is another story, Inter feels strong and wants to try while still having differences in the evaluation with Brescia, President Cellino thinks about the 50 million while Suning foresees a less important investment. Work in progress.Certainly, making cash with Mauro Icardi will help because it reinforces the Nerazzurri position in the balance sheet and allows you to think about different negotiations with greater serenity. Between these, Tonali is one of the priorities, certainly the first choice in midfield that’s been working on for months. Lawyer Bozzo knows this well, agent of the player who has excellent relations with Inter as well as with Juventus that has not stopped thinking about Tonali. On the contrary: the idea of ​​rejuvenating the midfield exists, but the timing in this negotiation will be important. Juve does not filter any signal related to the idea of ​​giving up Tonali, the challenge is still open. But Inter took the field and put their cards on the table. Never before has it entered the heart.

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