Inter-Icardi, we loved each other so much. Mauro, the goals, the soap opera – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Many Inter players cheer for the farewell to the former captain, but his 124 goals cannot be forgotten

Much love, equally hate. Millions of Inter players had loved Mauro Icardi a lot, when he scored hat-trick in the derby or transformed decisive penalties for entering the Champions League, and hated him then, when he was degraded from captain to simple player because the club did not tolerate Wandism, the protagonism of his partner.

Icardi, in the six Inter seasons, has scored a sea of ​​goals: 124 in 219 games. But, undaunted, he let his wife Wanda Nara reap followers and TV appearances in his name and therefore in the name of Inter. He allowed his private individual to get into his job. Unacceptable, in the Inter of Zhang and Marotta. And before this moment, the original sin had been the book, “Always forward, my secret story”, the autobiography released in October 2016, in the Thohir era.

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