Inter hypothesis: Spring in Naples for the Italian Cup


MILAN – La A league will start again on 20 June. Probably with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day: the orientation yesterday was still this (the same followed by the English Premier), but the verdict is postponed to the assembly this morning. The first official matches, those that will mark the rebirth of our football after more than three months of stop due to the coronavirus, will however be those of the Italian Cup: on 13 and 14 the two semifinals (first JuventusMilan, then NaplesInter; both at 8.45 pm) and on the 17th the final at the Olimpico in Rome, naturally behind closed doors, but with Mattarella in the stands. The modification of the last dpcm will allow the go-ahead for Saturday 13. The Italian Cup will be the first trophy in the world awarded on the field after the pandemic, even if the “big guys” do not seem at all enthusiastic to immediately play the title: Milan has shown his opposition through Scaroni’s words, Inter even evaluates the hypothesis (sensational and provocative) of sending the Spring. The League is studying a change: in the semifinals nothing extra, but immediate use of penalties. It will be possible? Not to play the national cup immediately, however, as well as an “affront” to Spadafora who wants to show the first matches in clear, would mean not assigning it and last night the leaders of the League did not consider this scenario possible.

Postponing the Italian Cup to the end of the A, which will end, if there are no new stops, on August 2nd, would be possible but would risk creating a traffic jam in the month in which the European cups will resume. The latter 99% will have the “cut” format (the announcement on June 17), but they certainly will not disappear and all possible solutions are being studied in Nyon, including that of playing the Champions Final Four and the quarterfinals matches on a neutral ground in Germany, in the country that is the first to leave and has very high safety standards.

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