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Alessandro Altobelli was a great striker and was also a symbol for Inter. Nerazzurri center forward for over a decade, he has scored more than 200 goals: alone Meazza, one out of class, has done better than him in club history.Well, since 1988 (when Altobelli, now at the end of his career, was sold to Juve) Inter have never had a better goal than Icardi. Even if he has large or very large teams, one capable of even winning everything. And even if its presidents – especially Moratti – have spent a lot on buying champions, champions or alleged ones. Not even Vieri, an indisputable star, has scored more than Mauro in Inter, who with his 124 goals occupies a very noble place in the ranking of the best Nerazzurri scorers, just behind six or seven legends of the past (in addition to the two that we mentioned there are Boninsegna is Mazzola, for example, or later Cevenini third, ‘poison’ Lorenzi and Stefano Nyers).

Icardi has made all his Inter football networks in six seasons, two of which are nasty: the first, because he was twenty years old and was little more than a boy, and the last, because at a certain point he was put on the index by Spalletti is Marotta. And the fact that he played in a modest Inter with respect to tradition did not help him. Therefore its path must be considered even more extraordinary. If he continued to play in the Nerazzurri, he would shortly break almost all the records.

For this today we are flabbergasted when we read the satisfaction, almost the joy of the Inter fans for the farewell of Icardi and its transfer to the PSG. We breathe these feelings everywhere, as if it were a liberation: on social media, through the messages that reach us, also in the article of our highly appreciated Nerazzurri commentator Filippo Tramontana. To us who are not Interists, allow us to affectionately define their idea as crazy. Okay heart betrayed, okay that Wanda Nara led the center forward to make some behavioral mistakes, but are we sure that he is the main or even sole responsible for all the chaos? And especially: is there really anyone who thinks Inter is better without Icardi?The matches are played on the pitch and are won with goals. IS we would always like to have Icardi on our team.


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