Intel Core 10th generation, here’s how the boxed heatsink changes


The processors Intel Core the most popular are generally the K models, which are not equipped with a heatsink because in order to cool them and make them express their best it is often necessary to have good air or liquid cooling solutions – even more so the last top of the Core i9 range- 10900K.

The house of Santa Clara bundles the heatsink only with non-K CPUs, i.e. without unlocked multiplier, and the T models with TDP of 35 watts for low-consumption and space-saving systems. Over the years, the company has not made major changes to its offer, despite the fact that AMD has made the heatsink bundled into a selling element, proposing solutions such as the Wraith Prism that also go well with gaming configurations with RGB LEDs.

However, with the latest 10th generation Comet Lake cores we are witnessing a change, albeit slight: first the heatsink is totally black, which makes it more elegant than the previous model that has accompanied us for years with a black fan and silver-colored radiator. Second, although the design is the same, the fan structure is thicker and features three connections, rather than four, that hold it in place. The Intel logo is also white on a black background, while before it was the background was blue.

The company also decided to add a sheath to the 4-pin fan cable which extends from the inside of the roof, while before the cables were exposed. The installation mechanism does not change, it is always the classic four-foot push-pull, easy to install. We are faced with a small aesthetic improvement which, however small, is always better than nothing. What is the preamble to a future renewal of the boxed heatsink? We do not know, certainly Intel has wide margins in this respect.

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