Intel Atom “Elkhart Lake” reappear online: imminent arrival?


We told you about it in the now distant September 2019 and today, as reported by techpowerup, the confirmation arrives: Intel’s next generation processors are called “Elkhart Lake” and bring improvements on all fronts which will make the purchase of a low consumption CPU produced by the Santa Clara house much more interesting.

Credits: Intel

The details are provided by the Chinese marketplace CogoBuy which has recently added the CPU in question to its list without specifying the price and in two main possible variants, industrial and classic, both of which can only be purchased through a purchase proposal for presumably important volumes. However the difference between the two should lie only in the maximum temperature limit that can be reached before the protection stop, which stands on a value of 105 ° C for the consumer CPU e 110 ° C for the industrial one.

The CPU is produced with two or four cores based on the Tremont architecture and has an interface that supports DDR4 or LPDDR4 memories via a single channel. This architecture is designed to guarantee very low consumption combined with stable and sufficient performance for the most basic operations, elements that have allowed it to be used also for the series processors “Lakefield” adopting a heterogeneous structure integrating low and high performance cores. The TDP at the moment of maximum load, for the 4-core variant, does not in fact exceed 12W.

We still don’t have much information on the graphic sector, except that it is a generic Gen11 iGPU capable of supporting a maximum of 3 displays via HDMI or DisplayPort at an 8K resolution. As for the use of the DisplayPort, we are specified that to be able to use it at 8Kp30 or 5Kp60 resolution, the use of a DisplayPort Re-Timer device capable of amplifying the signal is required.

Intel Elkhart Lake Atom

With this new 10nm solution, Intel aims to recover, at least in part, that slice of the market left untreated for too many years and that was quickly acquired by the competition, able to intercept consumer requests. We just have to see how this new CPU will be welcomed by private customers and companies.

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