“Insulted and shredded fountain, but do you want to know how it will end?” – Free newspaper


Vittorio Feltri

The government and its scientific technicians discover hot water: they say it Lombardy it will be the last region to break free from Covid. Obviously, having been the most affected in numerical terms by the virus, it will take several days to heal, but this does not mean that it must be discriminated against and blamed. The population density of this land is unequaled in Italy, therefore it has faced serious problems, but it has done so in an excellent way although few recognize that it has acted with skill and diligence. We got to the point that the Governor Fontana is Councilor Gallera they ended up under judicial inquiry, suspected of not having declared Alzano and Nembro red zone, at the entrance of the Seriana Valley, when it was up to the executive to do this.

The acting attorney, Maria Cristina Rota, acknowledged not only the innocence of the two directors, but stressed that it was the government’s job to isolate the two municipalities in order to reduce the risk of contagion. But coincidentally, the majority of newspapers did not give great importance to the news, liquidating it in a few lines. It is yet another demonstration of the hostility that has recently sparked against Lombardy for reasons that touch on racism, not to mention the desire of the left to take political control of the pilot region of the country. Now it is a question of whether what the procurator has declared will remain a dead letter or if the mechanisms of justice will involve Prime Minister Conte and his structure, in order to make definitive clarity on a case that has sparked fierce controversy. We hope so, even if we are not optimistic in this regard.

Poor Fontana in particular was the subject of insults, he was even put into the meat grinder without a real reason. Someone should at least apologize to him given the results of the investigations, but we fear that the scandalous attacks on the governor will continue without hesitation because Lombardy tempts the left and the 5 star Movement. Conquering it, perhaps after having commissioned it, would mean for the Giallorossi to guarantee its permanence for a long period at the top of the power. In fact, the famous and desired revival of the economy in crisis can only start from this wounded region, but still organized and ready to resurrect as shown by the first signs recorded in Milan and in the various provinces around it.

Even the rest of Italy is destined not to succumb to the crisis, but it will take long times to get back on track. Our opinion, although personal, is based on local history and observation of reality. Not only is the Nordic area full of productive structures ready to get going again, but it trusts people, workers included, willing to sacrifice. Just today Free publishes eloquent statistics which indicate that the demand for workers has already surged. It means that the people, at any level, want to redeem themselves and overcome the bad moment they lived. While half of Italy worries about the summer holidays, the other half thinks of rolling up their sleeves to take back a place in the sun under whose rays they work and don’t tan. The data emerging from these parts is comforting: the country is not on its knees but standing, standing, as always.

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