INPS: “Regular liquidation activity for Cassa Covid-19” – Basilicata


                          <h2 class="news-stit">To date, 4,288 applications have been authorized for 8,531 workers</h2>
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        (ANSA) - POTENZA, MAY 27 - After "the initial difficulties that

have registered throughout Italy, linked to problems of
transmission of requests “, is proceeding” regularly
the liquidation activity of the exemption coffers
with the reason Covid-19 “. The president of the
Regional Committee of INPS Basilicata, Giuseppe Camardo.

The statement also specifies that “based on the latest data
provided, the Institute authorized on May 26 a
total of 4,288 applications and paid 8,531 workers having
right “. (ANSA).

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