INPS accuses the Civil Protection: ‘Untrustworthy numbers on the deaths for Covid-19, 20,000 are missing’ | First page


The quantification of coronavirus deaths, conducted using the number of positive deceased patients provided on a daily basis by the Civil Protection department, is considered unreliable, as it is influenced not only by the method of classification of the cause of death, but also by the execution of a test of positivity to the virus “. the indictment addressed by the INPS to the Civil Protection, which daily provides its bulletin on the number of infections, the dead and the healed. According to the main Italian social security institution, the appeal would be missing something like 20,000 dead people. THE NUMBERS DO NOT COME BACK – Not to be returned are the accounts for the months of January-February, which record over 10,000 fewer deaths than the approximately 124,000 expected for that period of the year, and those of March April – an increase of 47,000 compared to the 109,500 expected. During that same period, Nearly 28,000 deaths are announced for Covid-19, numbers that push INPS to ask: “What are the reasons for a further increase in deaths equal to 18,971, of which 18,412 all in the North? Taking into account that the number of deaths is rather stable over time, with due caution, we can attribute a large part of the greater deaths that occurred in the last two months, compared to those referring to the same period, to the ongoing epidemic. The trend of deaths, in the period considered, was conditioned both by the epidemic and by the consequences of the lockdown and in the negative, for example for people who died of other diseases because they were unable to find a hospital bed or because they did not they went out of fear of contagion; both positively, thinking of the reduction of road fatalities or accidents at work for smartworking and blocking Italy “.

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