Information note to the Chamber: “It is not a time for nightlife”


“In this phase, more than ever, respect for safety distances and where necessary the use of masks remains fundamental. It is not the time for parties, nightlife, and gatherings”. Giuseppe says so



“Young people have not understood how much they risk, but too many ambiguous messages from the authorities”

Lockdown in Phase 1 right choice

Conte also underlines how the choice of the lockdown in Phase 1 turned out to be right: “Maybe not everyone would have then (with the emergence of the contagions, ed) made such painful decisions likely to affect some fundamental rights, however after exactly three months from the first case we can affirm in conscience that we have made the right choice “. It is true that closures and restrictions could not be further prolonged: “We cannot allow the” restrictive measures “to be continued indefinitely, rights cannot be contracted for only a limited time and in the presence of a serious threat. beyond the necessary time it would be unreasonable and incompatible with the principles of our Constitution “.


Phase 2, Boccia: “The gatherings risk throwing up the work done”

Serological tests and tracking apps

The Prime Minister then announced that “voluntary serological tests”, carried out “on a sample”, will be possible from 25 May. But the “second pillar” for epidemiological control in phase 2 will be the tracking app. In this regard, Conte stresses that “the government has introduced a discipline to implement the Immuni app in full respect of privacy and national security. In the next few days, experimentation on this new application will start, the data will be used only for the traceability of the virus”. Of swabs have been made so far 3 million and 171,719: “We are in first place for the number of swabs per population. There are 5,134 swabs per 100,000 inhabitants,” explains the premier.


Coronavirus, Zingaretti: “I ask the government to make serological tests free”

The economic crisis and the revival decree

As for the economic crisis due to the coronavirus, Conte dedicates part of his information to a broad illustration of the revival decree which, he underlines, “can be modified and improved by Parliament”. “We are aware that the reopening is not enough to reactivate the engine of the economy and in the face of the shock we need constant, effective action by the State. With the revival dl we have laid the foundations for a restart”. The aim is to foster “the resilience and competitiveness of businesses”. “Support is not an objective incompatible with that of relaunching,” he says. He then stressed the “simplified procedure” for the layoffs, thanked Minister Catalfo for the introduction of emergency income and cited the rule “introduced by Minister Bellanova” on the regularization of the seasonal workers (triggering protests in the center-right classroom). “We have laid the foundations for the recovery,” he explains. He also thanks Undersecretary Fraccaro for introducing 110% restructuring bonuses.

The appeal: “Take your holidays in Italy”

Conte then makes an appeal to all citizens: “This summer, take your holidays in Italy: let’s discover the beauties that we don’t know yet, and let’s go back to enjoying those we know. It’s the best way to help our economy”. In this regard, he underlines the need for further interventions in the tourism sector: “We are aware that the tourism sector requires further interventions that we reserve the right to activate as soon as the financing plan for recovery in Europe is defined”. Even the “banking system can and must do more, in particular to speed up lending procedures”.

Families: increased parental leave to 30 days

“We increased the leave to 30 days” for private sector dependent parents with children under “12 years old”.



The reboot forgets eight million children

The shock decree for simplification

And it announces that the government is working “on the shock of simplification, the country cannot wait any longer”. The priority is “to activate the public works engine”, for this reason “the time has come to simplify the bureaucracy”. In the decree there will be “a simplified procedure on a list of strategic works with derogatory powers but without this weakening the more rigorous controls that ensure full transparency and avoid mafia infiltrations”.

1 billion and 450 million to manage the return to school in September

Another front is the digital enhancement starting from the school, from the Public Administration to then move on to the productive realities. “In particular – explains the Prime Minister – the management of returning to school in September will entail huge organization costs and the past few weeks have shown us the importance of increasing the digitalization of our institutes and our teaching: for this purpose we allocate € 1.4 billion in two years for the benefit of the school “. The reforms related to simplification and innovation “have been expected in Italy for years – adds Conte – and will help us make the country more attractive and will have to go hand in hand with the reform of the times of civil and criminal justice”. And he concludes: “We are faced with the historic opportunity to overcome the blocks to the development of the country”.

Classroom tensions between Lega and M5s

In addition to the aforementioned Mugugni of the League during some passages of Conte’s speech, the brawl breaks out in the Chamber with noisy protests from the center-right and choirs to the cry of “jester buffoon” coming from the stalls of the Carroccio to the vault of the deputy M5s Riccardo Ricciardi. In particular, the passages of the intervention of the pentastellato who ironically defends the work of Conte and attacks the Lombardia model and, in particular, the Lombard health and the construction of the hospital of the Fair during the emergency coronavirus. President Roberto Fico is forced several times to call back to order. And finally, he suspended the session, which resumed after about ten minutes.

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