Influencers adopt an autistic Chinese, make videos and give him back for adoption. It’s controversy


They told about the choice to adopt a Chinese autistic child to their over 700 thousand followers on Youtube. They showed his arrival home and the days in his company. Then the choice: the little Huxley, 4 years old, returns to China, entrusted to a new family, because the couple of influencers, he explains, “we were not ready”

The decision was overwhelmed by criticism. Users accuse Myka Stauffer and her husband James of using the baby for some extra visualization. “You did it for business, then you got rid of him as if it were a product,” reads one of the numerous comments on the subject that appeared on Twitter.

The couple wanted to respond to the criticism with a video, in which James explains that, three years after the adoption, they realized that the child “had many needs that we were not aware of”. “I feel like a failure as a mom,” adds Miyka in tears in front of the camera.

The couple have 4 other biological children and reject the accusations received: “We have not adopted Huxley to share it publicly. We only showed 5% of our lives with him, the remaining struggles remained private. Many professionals told us that he needed more. His new mom has professional medical training. “

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