Infectious boom after mass in Frankfurt: 107 positive for Coronavirus


Mass contagion from Coronavirus occurred after a religious service held in a Baptist church in Frankfurt am Main.

According to information from Hesse Land Minister Kai Klose today, at least 107 people were infected after mass. The religious ceremony dates back to about two weeks ago. About 40 cases of infection had been known initially, but they have increased.

In Germany, the data currently show a trend of clear reduction of new infections, and in several Laender for two or three days no new infections with Coronavirus have been recorded: this is the case of Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. In this context, Thuringia is the first Land to announce yesterday that it intends to stop anti-coronavirus measures.

At the federal level, according to a statistic prepared by the Dpa, the number of infected is 178,500 and the death toll 8,251.

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