India: Locust Alert in the Skies – Last Hour


(ANSA) – NEW DELHI, MAY 29 – India has warned of
airlines from the risk of locust swarms they might
damage the instrumentation of the aircraft and also force
pilots at course deviations.

The worst insect invasion for nearly 70 years already has
caused extensive damage to seasonal crops by paralyzing the
Indian farmers already grappling with the impact of
coronavirus. New Delhi is fighting the attacks of
locusts with the support of the Air Force authorized to use
drones for surveillance and spraying pesticides. But now the
swarms have become so large that the ministry
civil aviation claimed that “they represent one
threat to planes in landing and in the phase of
takeoff “.” Although a locust is small in size, it is known
that the impact of a large number of insects on the windshield
affects the driver ‘s forward vision, “explained one
ministry consultant.


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