“In Veneto contagion is falling”





Zaia: Contagion is plummeting in Veneto

“To date we have reached over 616 thousand tampons, with 19113 positive (+8 compared to yesterday), it means that the infection is below one per thousand, (to be precise, we are 0.7 per thousand), and which is therefore falling; there are 2445 people still in isolation, 63 fewer than yesterday, while the inpatients have fallen to 439, and only 36 are in intensive care, of which 9 Covid patients; the recovered and discharged patients have risen to 33188 (+16), while the deaths in total are 1895, 16 more than yesterday “. This was underlined by the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia today during the usual press point at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera.

On the lessons, “I think it is legitimate for the political forces to express their understanding on the convening of the ballot boxes, in the midst of election campaigns, and it is legitimate for the secretary to ask himself the problem. More serious than anyone not wanting to vote.”

“In the records – he recalled – there is a law with a window in the autumn-winter 2020, and there is already a prediction in the text that we can go to 2021 if the infection returns in the autumn. If it seems normal to you … we take note of this – he said to reporters – It is rather incorrect to have said that the agreement was made with the consent of the Regions, the Conference did well – concluded Zaia – to specify that the agreement was never given agreement”.

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