In Turin, a clandestine Chinese tailoring to produce coats and masks – La Stampa


TORINO. The emergency sharpens the wits. A knitwear workshop, with three regularly hired employees, has been transformed into a textile center with 16 black workers, the activity converted into the production of disposable gowns and masks.

The agents of the Administrative Police Division discovered this clandestine laboratory during a control service in Corso Vercelli, aimed at verifying compliance with workplace regulations and compliance with the provisions for the Covid-19 emergency.

The agents found 16 workers of Chinese nationality intent on making disposable coats and kits together with the business owner, a 45-year-old Chinese citizen, and his eighteen-year-old son.

All the workers were at work inside a shed of over 1000 square meters, in different locations, with sewing machines, cutters, buttons, ironers. All this was in the manufacturing account for a company from Cuneo that had supplied the raw material for the realization of the kits.

The three regularly hired employees were not present while some of the 16 black workers from the Milanese were called to respond to the exceptional request for overalls and masks. Two of them also lacked a residence permit in Italy

“Regarding compliance with workplace regulations – the police note reads – the risk assessment document in the workplace was missing; moreover, the fire extinguishers were absent, although the respective workstations were present, indicated by the special fire prevention signs “.

For the 45-year-old Chinese citizen, already known for violations of labor protection legislation, the complaint was taken for culpable omission of cautions or defenses against disasters or accidents at work; for having employed foreign workers without the required residence permit; for omission of the risk assessment and adoption of the related document and finally for failing to provide health and safety in the workplace.

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