In Turin, a baby girl born with her heart out of her chest


A newborn girl suffering from Ectopia cordis, a rare congenital anomaly in which the heart is located outside the chest, was born in the Health City of Turin. Childbirth at week 38: only the head was extracted from the uterus, so as to allow the baby to receive oxygen from the placental circle.

The heart and part of the liver, outside the chest because without the sternum, have been protected by suturing the skin at the edges. Another intervention was then necessary to remove a tumor from the oral cavity that would have prevented her from breathing.

Ectopia cordis, a situation in which the heart is located outside the thorax, is an extremely rare congenital anomaly, less than one case per million live births. To give life expectancy to the newborn girl with this pathology that came to light in Turin, more than 40 people worked in synergy between doctors and nurses from three different Departments of Regina Margherita and Sant’Anna. “This is yet another demonstration that the City of Health of Turin, thanks to the multidisciplinary collaboration and its skills, is confirmed as one of the excellence of Italian Health”, comments Giovanni La Valle, Commissioner of the City of Health of Turin.

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