In total confusion, is the C series really ready to start again? Shoulder of Gravina in Ghirelli


Surprises of surprises in Serie C. Behind, you are back on the field. No crystallization of the ranking as suggested by Ghirelli and the majority of the clubs, with Reggina, Monza is Vicenza in series B, but rather the Federal Council of the FIGC has decided that the Prof tournaments will have to end on the field, if of course the epidemiological curve allows it. An unexpected turning point, especially in the case of the amaranth club, which objectively felt the goal of the B very close and was counting on celebrating it in the immediate post.

The patron Luca Cock he came back to Twitter: “And anyway …. for those who have ears to hear … I have a busy Saturday next year …“.

By concealing his belief that his team will play in B series in the next sports season. At this point, Reggina will have to be found ready for any eventuality and already in these hours the letters of convocation could leave to those players who are off-site, practically most of the members, returned to their respective residences after the green light to the phase -2 of the Covid-19 emergency.

Denis and his companions, however, in this long period of forced parking followed a work program indicated by the technical staff and in the middle of next week, following the protocol of the Medical-scientific commission of the Football Federation, they will start preparing for Sant’Agata to be ready and clear about the possibility of the dispute of the last eight races left.

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