in the world more than 350 thousand dead


Coronavirus infections are 230,555, of which 32,955 victims and 144,658 recovered, according to the latest bulletin released by the Civil Protection yesterday. 397 cases more than the previous day, 2677 recovered and 78 dead. Here is the data region by region:

Lombardy: 87,417

Piedmont: 30,314

Emilia Romagna: 27,611

Veneto: 19.105

Tuscany: 10,070

Liguria: 9,550

Lazio: 7,661

Brands: 6,718

Campania: 4,767

Puglia: 4,469

Trento: 4,415

Sicily: 3,430

Friuli VG: 3,251

Abruzzo: 3,230

Bolzano: 2,593

Umbria: 1,431

Sardinia: 1,354

Aosta Valley: 1,181

Calabria: 1,157

Molise: 432

Basilicata: 399

In September, the presence school for elementary and middle school pupils will start again, as stated by Minister Azzolina, while Minister Speranza added that the schools will reopen for everyone; for this school year, the technical scientific committee has vetoed a possible last day of school in attendance. Foreign Minister Di Maio has hoped that from 15 June it will be possible to start all together again in Europe, opening the borders and restarting foreign tourism. The controversy continues over the 60,000 civic assistants who will be hired as volunteers by the government to ensure compliance with the rules during Phase 2; in this regard, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that they will not be in charge of public service nor will they perform the duties of the police force. After the nightlife last weekend, the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala banned the sale of alcohol after 7pm; the municipal swimming pools will reopen in the Lombard capital from 1 June.

There are over 5 and a half million infections from Coronavirus Covid-19 in the world, of which over 346 thousand deaths; the situation is worrying in Latin America, where 765 thousand infections were recorded with over 41 thousand. The most affected country in South America remains Brazil, followed by Peru and Chile; in Russia, 174 deaths were recorded in 24 hours, the highest figure since the outbreak of the country. As of today, Spain has declared 10 days of national mourning to commemorate Coronavirus victims

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