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The arrest of Derek Chauvin, the 44-year-old policeman indicted for the brutal death of African American George Floyd, does not stop the protests, which are now rampant from Minneapolis to all of America with looting, fires, scuffles, arrests and two deaths: an agent and a nineteen year old.

Protests also arrive in front of the White House, forcing it to lockdown, while Donald Trump mobilizes the army, accuses the democratic mayors of not knowing how to defend their cities and threatens the protesters by warning them that if they pass the gates of his residence they will be “welcomed by the dogs fiercest and most threatening weapons I have ever seen. “

“They have little to do with George Floyd’s memory. They were there to cause problems, “tweeted the president, pointing his finger at the” organized groups “,” Antifa (anti-fascist movement, ed) and the radical left “, and thanking the Secret Service for his great professionalism, which in effects Friday night made it possible to avoid the worst.

The epicenter of the riots, reached on the fourth day, remains Minneapolis, where thousands of people defied the weekend curfew and the national guard by vandalizing Chauvin’s house and setting fire to a petrol pump, a post office, a bank and a restaurant, before the agents – three times higher than those deployed in protests against racial segregation in the 1960s – made some arrests and prevented a new barracks from being set on fire. The nocturnal appeal of Governor Tim Waltz to return home was worth nothing: “I understand the anger but all this does not concern the death of George Floyd, nor the inequalities, which are real. This is chaos, ”he had warned.

Protests have also resumed in various US cities during the day, from New York to Newark, from Philadelphia to Atlanta, where thousands of people took to the streets to ask for justice and demonstrate against police brutality.

But protests erupted in over 30 American cities, with identical slogans: ‘No justice, no peace’ and ‘I can’t breathe’, the phrase uttered by Floyd before he died . In Detroit, Michigan, a nineteen-year-old was shot dead by an SUV aimed at the crowd he was demonstrating, while in Oakland, California, one officer died and another was injured by a gunshot wound, although according to local police, the episode “apparently is not connected to the demonstrations”. The toughest confrontations were in Portland, Oregon, where the crowd first tried to set a police station like Minneapolis on fire and then attacked a Starbucks, an Apple store and another from Microsoft, forcing the agents to intervene with tear gas. and stun grenades.

Moments of tension also in New York, where thousands of people took to the streets in Brooklyn, some throwing bottles and stones at the police, who responded with stinging sprays and arresting dozens of demonstrators. At least 200 people ended up in handcuffs in Los Angeles. Clashes in Atlanta, where the governor declared a state of emergency and called 500 men from the national guard.

In the meantime, investigations have led to further developments. A new video shows not one but three police officers press Floyd with their knees. And Chauvin, the only one arrested, appears to have held his on the African American’s neck for almost nine minutes, three of which when he no longer reacted. The preliminary results of the autopsy on Floyd, which excludes traumatic asphyxia and strangulation concluding that “the combined effects of being blocked by the police, of his previous pathologies (coronary artery disease and hypertension) and some potential intoxicating substance, increase anger. in his body they probably contributed to his death ». The family has already asked for an independent autopsy: “We don’t trust local authorities.”

The warning from the Attorney General

Attorney general William Attorney William Barr has denounced that “radical groups and agitators from outside are taking advantage of the situation to pursue their violent agenda” in protests in various US cities for death by George Floyd.

“It is a federal crime to cross borders between states or to use interstate infrastructure to incite or participate in violent riots,” he warned, promising that justice will be honored in Floyd’s case.

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