In the Philippines, cats also respect the social distancing imposed by the coronavirus – La Stampa


In addition to the one for boxes, cats have another secret passion: that of circles and spaces delimited on the ground. They noticed it in the Philippines where stray cats queue to occupy the circles drawn on the ground near the market stalls to maintain social distancing.

And this is how strays are setting a good example, demonstrating how to behave in a crowded place to avoid coronavirus infection. A really fun situation, especially for those who think that cats are real rebels, absolutely not faithful to the rules or commands from humans.

Simply cats like to sit inside circles. And those of the Quezon City market are of the right size, as well as in a privileged position towards food that they are forced to smell from afar and not to touch. A custom due to the very nature of cats who, being generally prey, see in a circle drawn on the ground a safe delimited space, capable of instilling a sort of sense of protection in them.

Whatever the reason why they do it, cats that act socially responsible have attracted the attention of many passersby and their photos are making the rounds of social networks, in the face of those who make fun of the rules, at the expense of whole community.

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