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Mark Rutte too respectful of the rules? The Dutch Prime Minister, in sign of compliance with the restrictions related to the coronavirus emergency, did not visit the mother in the hospital for eight weeks. Except then – as reported by a government spokesman quoted by the CNN – visit her the night before she dies. The 96 year old mother of the premier, Mieke Rutte-Dilling, Who died on May 13, did not die of Covid-19, it is specified. A case, that of Rutte’s distance from his mother on his deathbed, which sparked controversy in Holland: is it right to do so?

Rutte “has respected all restrictions for coronavirus and has not visited the mother for more than eight weeks – said the spokesman -, however the restrictive measures they leave room for the opportunity to greet a dying family member. The prime minister was with his mother on his last night. ” In short, only the person concerned wanted to avoid visiting the mother. But the case, as mentioned, is debated: whoever attacks Rutte claims that the prime minister has unacceptably privileged his work to the detriment of the last days of his mother’s life.

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