“In the certainty that Our Lady does not ignore requests for protection”


The world’s largest shrines will connect: from Europe, Lordes, Fatima, San Giovanni Rotondo, Pompeii, Czestochowa; from the United States of America, the shrine of Immaculate Conception (Washington D.C.); from Africa, the sanctuary of Elele (Nigeria) and Notre-Dame de la Paix (Ivory Coast); from Latin America, the sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico), Chiquinquira (Colombia), Lujan and Milagro (Argentina).

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“United in prayer to invoke the help and help of the Virgin Mary in the pandemic and for atrust the whole humanity to the Lord“. Saturday 30 May, at 5.30 pm, Pope Francis will preside over the recitation of the Holy Rosary from the Grotto of Lourdes, in the Vatican Gardens. The Marian celebration, broadcast live worldwide, is promoted by the Pontifical Council for the promotion of the new evangelization, on the theme “Assiduous and agree in prayer, together with Maria (Acts 1:14) “. Shrines of the world will join the prayer, with a special involvement of families, recalls a statement from the Pontifical Council itself. A moment of worldwide prayer for those who intend to unite with Pope Francis on the eve of Pentecost Sunday.

On the front line

The dozens will be recited by some women and men representing various categories of people particularly affected by the virus. There will be, informs the Pontifical Council for the promotion of the new evangelization, a doctor and a nurse, for all the health personnel engaged on the front lines in hospitals; a healed person and one who has lost a family member, for all those who have been personally touched by the coronavirus; a priest, hospital chaplain, and a nun nurse, for all priests and consecrated persons close to those who are tried by the disease; a pharmacist and a journalist, for all the people who continued to do their work even during the pandemic period service for others; a Civil Protection volunteer with his family, for those who have worked to cope with this emergency and for the whole vast world of volunteering; it’s a young family, to which a child was born, in this period, a sign of hope and the victory of life over death. At the feet of Mary the Pontiff will place the many worries and pains of humanity, further aggravated by the spread of Covid-19.

Ave Maria

The appointment for the end of the Marian month is a further sign of closeness and comsolation for those who, in various ways, have been affected by coronavirus, “in the certainty that Heavenly Mother does not ignore requests of protection”. In the meantime, the spirit initiative with which the spirit initiative continues with success (two and a half million direct contacts on Ave Maria on social networks and on Youtube) every evening at 19.30, on the impulse of the frontier priest of the Community Pope John XXIII, Don Aldo Buonaiuto, she begs, Our Lady to obtain the end of the coronavirus pandemic. “Many are the people reached by the initiative proposed in mid-March by the lay faithful that I am they urged in time of lockdown to undertake this spiritual and moral mobilization – observes Don Buonaiuto -. This is how the goal of keep the flame of Marian devotion alive at a time when the demand for the sacred and for religion is taking new paths and seeking tools for individual and community dialogue that integrate institutional and traditional ones “. And he adds: “The global nature of the ongoing health emergency can also be understood from the multitude of connections we receive via the web from dozens of nations who join the novena for a sense of sharing and for an authentically Catholic feeling, according to the etymology of the term. The importance of this unexpected numerical goal (2 and a half million participants) must be contextualized in a finally positive use and constructive of those technological platforms which, by necessity, have been transformed by believers into replacement virtual places and additions to ordinary pastoral activity, forcibly slowed down due to anti-contagion measures“.

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