In the case of Zarate, Lotito prepares the answer to the Hyenas


ROME – Lotito and lawyers for two days have been defining how to respond to the de service “Hyenas” containing Luis’s statements Ruzzi, Mauro’s agent Zarate, on the nature of the commission (15 million euros for five seasons, 3 per year) linked to the purchase of the Argentine, redeemed in summer 2009. It did not go on the air, it was postponed until next Tuesday just to allow the right reply to the president of the Lazio. Lotito may send a memo to the broadcast or grant some statements. The news, revealed by Ansa last Tuesday, revealed that Giuseppe chiné, head of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, will open a new file on Lotito based on the advances launched by the program broadcast on Mediaset. Ruzzi’s interview, together with that of Zarate (the service also contains his statements), will be examined by Prosecution.

Lotito awaits federal communications

Lotito and his attorneys await federal communications, for now they would not have arrived. According to lawyers, similar cases are barred after 3 years and for Lotito, having been tried, the ne bis in idem can be evoked. The president was sentenced to 10 months of disqualification by the Disciplinary, reduced on appeal to 3 months, for having headed the commission to the company Pluriel Limited instead of to the agent Petrucchi (legally represented Pluriel).

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