In September it will be hunting for the alternate: the return to class becomes more and more a puzzle


While in Parliament every minister changes, even several times, the rules for hiring precarious workers, now postponing their recruitment to 2021, the number of vacant chairs increases: considering also the number of staff in fact, in September they will exceed the 200 thousand substitutes. Even more if in the coming weeks an additional national contingent of chairs should be assigned, as is probable, especially in the first cycle, to ensure greater face-to-face teaching, perhaps with 45-minute lessons.

The problem has so far been overlooked, but will soon become massive. To face it, the government has prepared the transformation of the Institute rankings into provincial ones, but it may not be enough: 2020 could be remembered not only as the year of the Coranavirus, but also that of the absolute record of substitutes assigned to temporary workers, given that one teacher out of four will be an alternate, arriving to be identified even with the simple ‘making available’.

Difficult start to the year

This means that in the first days of school many class councils could be reduced numerically. With all that follows, both at the level of programming, both of recovery (a method that this year will be widely practiced because of the ministry’s instructions to admit practically everyone to the following year), both training offer, considering that disciplines without teacher may not even be activated in the first period.

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The trade unions reminded him that put the problem among the reasons for the June 8 strike (on which, however, doubts remain about the possibility that the Guarantee Commission could give the green light).

Flc-CGIL: surreal situation

According to the FLC-CGIL, “with over 200 thousand vacant chairs and the need to activate additional substitutes to ensure the distancing of the pupils in the classes”, with the pure recruitment of the extraordinary competition postponed “to next year”.

“We are faced with a surreal situation so a confrontation with the social partners started from the need to simplify the extraordinary competition to hire teachers by September, instead leads to an agreement that postpones everything and further complicates the selective procedures “.

It is also the fault of the non-competition for titles only

The union did not digest the decision to reject the Pd-Leu amendment that opened the competition for only titles: “the government is seriously endangering the next school year: With thousands of open chairs and vacancies for directors of administrative services, schools cannot start again. ”

“We ask ourselves – continues the organization led by Francesco Sinopoli – why for health care and other sectors of the public administration the majority inserts procedures for taking titles and oral tests in the Relief Decree while at school we move in the opposite direction, postponing, lengthening and unnecessarily complicating the procedures that should have stabilized historical precarious workers “.

DSGA acting at the starting point

CGIL knowledge workers recall that the same stalemate affects the ATA, starting with the “administrative assistants acting as Service Directors, still called to fill vacancies without hiring prospects on the profile of DSGA. After a year and a half of negotiations and agreements, we return to the starting point with an extraordinary procedure which now has only the demagogy of those who support it against the interest of the school, workers and pupils “.

In conclusion, for the confederal union “insufficient resources and inadequate measures do not allow the school to fulfill its constitutional mandate and, above all, they will not allow to recover more than four months of teaching in attendance, school time, learning and social skills”.

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