In Ravenna one more case, unfortunately a death, a 97-year-old woman. In the Region 74 positive compared to over 9,000 swabs


THE COMMENTARY OF THE ASSESSOR DONINI – “The expansion of the regional action to combat the virus, with the search for the virus itself on people without symptoms, is leading to important results also from the point of view of prevention. In Bologna, 22 new Coronavirus positive cases were found and isolated (among the 29 total of today of the province) in a community of homeless people in the Lazzaretto area, the Cidas Piazza Grande Capannoncino. All already transferred and isolated in two structures identified by the Municipality and the Health Company because they did not require hospital treatment. They were ‘discovered’ thanks to carpet pads made within the community and mapping has already been started to reconstruct the contacts they had, even if they are subjects with very low sociability. And thanks to the serological screening campaign wanted by the Region, 15 new totally asymptomatic positive cases were identified in the province of Parma as well: 75% of the 21 total cases registered today in Parma. ” So says the report of the Region.

“With the swabs and serological tests that we are massively carrying out on the whole regional territory – comments the Councilor for Health Policies, Raffaele Donini – we managed to identify and isolate a circumscribed situation, which however could become critical. At the same time, new asymptomatic cases are emerging which we could hardly have detected with the traditional strategy. We will therefore continue the screening campaign on which we have strongly focused, with the specific objective of not waiting for the virus, but to go and look for it. To intercept any new infections as soon as possible, especially among asymptomatic people as happened in both Bologna and Parma. If on the one hand – Donini closes – in our laboratories and hospitals we study and work to achieve ever more effective treatments, with great determination we continue to hunt the virus on the territory and in citizens’ homes “.

THE CASES – In Emilia-Romagna today they register 74 more positive (the increase is 0.26%). Of these new cases, 17 derive from the active path from the beginning of the emergency, with checks on symptomatic people; 57 new cases derive instead from the screening activity on asymptomatic people made by swabs and serological tests. Dat the beginning of the Coronavirus health crisis they registered overall 27,701 cases of positivity. The swabs made on the last day were 9,128 for a total of 310,696 since the start of the pandemic (0.8 positive for every 100 swabs made).

ACTIVE CASES – The number of active cases falls, that is, the number of actual patients: less 248 than yesterday (3,750 total active cases).

PEOPLE IN ISOLATION – People in solitary confinement at home, i.e. those with mild symptoms who do not require hospital treatment or who are without symptoms there are 3,224 in total, less 237 compared to yesterday.

INTENSIVE THERAPIESThere are 77 ICU patients (1 less). The number of patients admitted to the other Covid wards, which today number 449 (- 10), decreased.

HEALINGS – Overall, people recovered rise to 19,857 (+ 311).

THE DEATHSThere are 11 new deaths: 4 men and 7 women (4,082 the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic). One death in the province of Ravenna (the total since the beginning of the pandemic is 75 deaths).

THE DETAIL – In detail, these are the positive cases in the area, which always refer not to the province of residence but to the province in which the diagnosis was made:

  • 4,998 cases in Bologna and Imola (+ 30)
  • 4,935 in Reggio Emilia (+ 1)
  • 4,475 in Piacenza (+ 6)
  • 3,908 in Modena (+ 8)
  • 3,504 in Parma (+ 21)
  • 2,150 in Rimini (+ 5)
  • 1,024 in Ravenna (+ 1)
  • 987 in Ferrara (+ 1)
  • 943 in Forlì (+ 1)
  • 777 in Cesena (=)

The 1,024 cases diagnosed in Ravenna Municipality by Municipality since the start of the pandemic

  • 54 residents outside the province of Ravenna
  • 453 in Ravenna
  • 132 in Faenza
  • 77 in Cervia
  • 68 in Lugo
  • 62 to Russi
  • 38 in Bagnacavallo (+ 1)
  • 31 to Alfonsine
  • 22 in Castel Bolognese
  • 21 in Fusignano
  • 16 in Cotignola
  • 12 in Massa Lombarda
  • 11 in Brisighella
  • 8 to Conselice
  • 8 in Riolo Terme
  • 6 to Solarolo
  • 4 in Sant’Agata sul Santerno
  • 2 in Casola Valsenio
  • 1 in Bagnara

NB: the sum of the cases does not correspond to 1.024, but to 1.026 (there is some error in the attribution of the cases Municipality by Municipality, which does not depend on us)

The information from the authorities on the new case and death of a woman in Ravenna

For the day of today a new positivity was communicated for the provincial territory of Ravenna. It is a patient in home isolation, whose positivity is due to contacts with established cases. Unfortunately, a death has also been reported: a 97-year-old woman with serious past illnesses. There were also 13 complete healings and 2 clinical healings (for which patients will have to undergo negativeization swabs). Finally, around 220 people are quarantined and actively supervised as they have close contacts with positive cases or who have returned to Italy from abroad.

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