in post quarantine she is in better shape than ever


The quarantine has ended in Italy and Ilary Blasi she feels freer and more fit than ever. In quarantine we had seen her with regrowth in plain sight but now things have changed and, in addition to having visited the hairdresser and being very blonde, she has also put on display her most sensual side. After staking everything on lady shoes for one of the first outings and visiting the house of in-laws wearing a suit with provocative details, this time he exaggerated, leaving his most avid fans breathless. In the last hours the presenter has shared some Stories, probably made on the set of a still top secret photo shoot, in which she appeared sexier than ever.

In fact, she wore a bright red satin dressing gown, a short model that leaves her legs in plain sight, worn tied at the waist. He kept his bare feet, his blond hair loose and sported a chain necklace around his neck. The particular thing is that, thanks to the isolation passed in the soap and water version, he decided to say goodbye to too elaborate make-up. Ilary used only a trick on her face, the blush to be precise, keeping her mouth and eyes “natural”. Sure, most likely he wears extensions to his eyelashes, so he gives the idea of ​​always being made up, but the difference compared to when he trod the stage for the last time a few months ago is decidedly evident. In short, apparently Blasi had a “soap and water turn” after the quarantine and it makes it more splendid than ever. Isn’t it beautiful even without eyeshadow, eye-liner and lipstick?

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