In Pompeii the mystery of the little Mummy – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 25 – A female name written on the wall
at the height of a child, “Mummy” which contains a story full of
mystery and at the same time could open a light on
wealthy owners of a large suburban villa that with the
its terraces reached the sea. It is the new incredible
discovery reserved by the excavations underway in Pompeii and told in
exclusive to ANSA by the director of the Massimo Archaeological Park
Hosanna. The excavations, resumed for a few days, are on their way
affecting land just north of the Roman colony,
temporarily requisitioned to a local tombololo, thanks to
joint action with the Procura di Torre Annunziata and i

Painted walls and the intact vault of a large cryptoporticus
they suggest it is, says the archaeologist, a great and
refined complex from the Augustan age, to which they belonged
also the stables found a year ago within the same
judicial operation with the remains of three beautiful horses,
among which a bronze harnessed chestnut that gave the name to the
estate. Now the villa, which probably belonged to a
general or a high official perhaps belonging to the gens
dei Mummii, an important Roman family never before
documented in Pompeii, it will be brought to light, starting from
large cryptoporticus and representative rooms, with i
ordinary park funds. It will take some time, but in the end,
assures Hosanna, the house will be open for visits. (HANDLE).


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